Get involved

Ways you can get involved

1. Like us on Facebook (click the ‘f’ link above).
2. Tweet about us (click the Twitter link above)
3. Mention us to any ex-prisoners you know.
4. Mentor with us. Are you a self-employed ex-prisoner? We’re looking for mentors (Contact us by clicking here)

Family and loved ones

Families often make the difference. Discuss this site with your prisoner or ex-prisoner family member. Self-employment probably hasn’t occurred to them. Many people don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs. But it could be their escape route.¬† Sometimes it takes a loved one to say, ‘You could be someone different’.


If you work at a prison, we’d love to make contact. We will be happy to send you a set of Escape Plans. Thereafter, we need to send Escape Plans to named individuals, and we need an email address (as you can see in the pack application form here. This is for two reasons:

1. Funding bodies want to know our success rates.
2. We provide regular advice on self-employment by email. Not being on our email list means the recipient misses out.

We know many prisons restrict prisoners’ details on the grounds of security and confidentiality. But in our experience, prisoners are happy for us to have their details.

And many prisons say it’s a prisoner’s choice who they give their details out to. Also, prisoners can and do contact charities and projects outside the prison system by post.

We’re hoping to have some posters and leaflets printed soon, and we’d love prisons to put them on display.

Community groups and charities 

If you work for a charity, we’d love to hear from you. We can send you out a set of Escape Plans. But thereafter each request has to be for a named individual with an email address.