Thinking about self-employment?

Self-employment could be the right way out for you.

Deciding on your business

The great thing  about having your own business is that YOU decide what you’ll be doing every day.

If you don’t like being stuck indoors maybe you should be a window cleaner? If you like the gym, being a Fitness instructor would allow you to enjoy your work.

But if you don’t know which end of a hammer you use to hit a nail, then being a Handyman isn’t for you!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of profession suits you? Outside or indoors? Blue collar or white collar? Dealing with people, or working on things?
  • Which would you like to do?
  • Which could you see yourself doing?
  • What skills or knowledge do you already have?

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“I have just received your pack, which I absolutely LOVE.
We have a population here at [prison], where their only real way to gain employment on release would be to become self-employed.
I think that this is a great initiative.”