Sources of help

Where to find help.

This link warns you there is less help available than people claim. The article is a bit negative: you might get lucky.
Grants? They don’t exist.

Local help
Type ‘business startup [your town] into Google (for example ‘business startup London’). This may bring up some local help. Most start-up organisations are local and not national.

National Help
For national bodies you can try the following:
Job Centre Plus
Chambers of Commerce
Princes Trust A youth charity that provides grants and mentoring

You can also try the Government’s search tool here:

Charities and support organisations
Unlock: Helping people with convictions to move on in their lives by providing information, advice and advocacy.

St Giles Trust: provides help for ex-prisoners

Startup Now: Helps ex-prisoners with business plans and provides mentoring

Prisoners Education Trust Provides education in prisons

The Hardman Trust. Provides grants for prisoners, and might help you buy equipment.

Enterprise Exchange. Helps people from disadvantaged backgrounds become self employed or start a business to transform their lives. Especially prisoners and ex-prisoners. Based in Sussex.

Useful media and sites

The Record The online magazine for law abiding people with convictions.

Inside Time. The national newspaper for prisoners and detainees.

a social A social ignition
Street Roots Street roots – entrepreneurs inside – inmates learn power choice
Start a business Inmates to Entrepreneurs