Doubts we all share

We all have doubts. They can hold us back

1. I’m no good at selling.
That’s OK. We hate selling too. Instead you’ll do marketing, such as putting leaflets through doors. And when someone invites you to give them a price for your service, you aren’t ‘selling’ to them. You’re providing them with a service. You’re solving a problem they have.


2. I’m not very good with people
You don’t have to be a smooth talker, just a hard worker. Know your job inside out, so that when a customer asks a question, you have the answer. They’ll respect and like the fact that you’re a quiet person.


3. I don’t have any skills
If you don’t have any skills, maybe it’s time to gain some? But every person who has ever started a business, at one point knew nothing about it. We all start at the beginning. It’s about taking the first step and betting on yourself.


4. I lack confidence
You can do this. Is it scarier or harder than doing time? If you can pull yourself through a sentence, you can  handle starting a business. You’ve taken all the knocks and blows prison can through at you. So believe in yourself, and use your past to drive yourself forward.


5. Other people have had years on the out to improve their skills. I’ve been stuck away. I won’t be as good as them. 
You have something they don’t: a drive and determination to succeed. They’ve been doing this a while, they may be lazy and do poor quality work. And they may not care about their customers. You will be different. You will give 100% and get better with every job.


6. I don’t know how to do the paper work. I can’t do the book keeping.
Most entrepreneurs hate book keeping. Richard Branson is dyslexic, and left school at 15. He says: “For years I haven’t been able to work out the difference between gross and net.” We explain how to get by, and how to hire a cheap book keeper.

Got a different doubt? Let us know.