Dealing with your clients

As a self employed person, you’ll have clients, or customers.

Some will be friends for life, while others will irritate you. You’ll have to roll with the blows.

Don’t take their criticism or even rudeness personally. It’s better to work together for a solution than to trade insults and lose a client and possibly more future clients as a result. But remember, if you think you’re in the right, stand your ground…

Ten tips for dealing with customers

1. Respond to Customers as Soon as Possible.
Don’t miss out on a possible new sale, let them know that you care about their business!

2. Keep Customers Updated
A quick phone call or email lets them know you haven’t forgotten!

3. Go the Extra Mile
If you see something that you could help them with that may only take a few minutes do it for free, make them feel special. You’ll get it back in the long run with more work!

4. Fix Your Mistakes
If it wasn’t your best job, you should redo it. A quick way to lose a customer and their friends forever is by not admitting that you are at fault and not fixing your own mistakes.

5. Listen to Your Clients
When offering them a service, listen to what they want, so that you can get it right first time, they may also give you other ideas for new ways to make money.

6. Keep Your Promises
If you say you’re going to do something, make sure you do it. It’s part of being a professional. If you need more time, you should let them know, be honest and upfront.

7. Don’t Rise to Confrontation
There will be a time when someone is unhappy with a job you have done and will want to argue it out. You don’t want to start yelling and cursing at the people you make a living off of.

8. Be Patient But Not a Pushover
Don’t bight back, take a breath and some time away from the situation, then contact them with a solution. But if you are in the right stand your ground, they may come around in time!

9. Put Yourself in Their Shoes
If you were the customer what would you want and how much would you want to pay? Most importantly, how would you want to be treated and what would make you use them again?

10. Know Everything You Need to Know
If people are buying something from you they will want to feel assured that you are the right person for the job. Think about the questions people may ask you, so that you can reply with confidence!


Convert Enquiries into Customers

When a potential new customer calls you think about what it is you need to say.
Focus on your customer, use these 8 steps to turn that phone call or message into a sale…

1. Know everything you need to know about your own business.
Have answers to questions, if you don’t know find out!

2. Be friendly and approachable.
Your customers need to like you as well as your service or product.

3. Don’t just focus on price.
You don’t have to be the cheapest, but you do have to provide excellent service!

4. Offer a free, no obligation quote.
It’s a great way to introduce yourself and put a face to the name.

5. Know your market.
Knowing what your competitors charge allows you to offer better deals.

6. Respond quickly and accurately.
Customers are busy people, get it right first time and give them everything they need to know!

7. Be honest and open.
This will build trust. Nobody wants to employ a cowboy!

8. Never be too busy!
Make sure they know how grateful you are for their call. Make time to speak to your potential customer. It may sound simple, but a please and a thank you go a very long way!