Getting started

Preparing for self-employment, on the out.

Take time to think whether self-employment is for you.

Whether you start the Escape Route journey in prison or on the out, the route to success is the same: follow the plan!

Preparing for self-employment starts inside your head. Visualise your new business and new life. Put your past behind you and think about following the plan and moving forward.

Tell your family and friends about your new business: they may be able to help.

  • Do they have any previous experience or advice?
  • Could they help you source equipment or tools?
  • Could they help spread the work about your new venture?

Sometimes people will not be supportive. But look past this and believe in your business. Prove them wrong.

Hit the ground running. Don’t put it off till tomorrow, what you can do today.

Set yourself a time line. What needs to be done, and by when? Do each stage of the plan, step by step.

There’s no such thing as trying, only doing! Very importantly, don’t get distracted and give up.

This is your business. You are now in control – of it and your life!