Prison and Probation Staff

We will provide two free packs per prison learning and education departments, per year, on request.

Prison staff can order additional copies at £12.50 pack, or £10 per pack for over 10 packs.

Packs are free to ex-prisoners applying direct or through the prison.

We also have free ‘self-employment’ posters which encourage prisoners to think about being their own boss.


Generic self-employment leaflet 
This is ideal for prisoners who might benefit from going self-employed on release.
Escape Route leaflet

Generic self-employment poster 
You can put this poster on your walls, noticeboard or information screen to remind prisoners that self-employment is an alternative to job-seeking. It contains a space to direct prisoners to your education or training department.
Escape Route Poster

Please let us know if you are using these resources. It would help us greatly.