Want to be a carpenter? Here’s how.

The Escape Plan contains all you need to know to set up a carpentry business. To get a copy, click here

This pack tells you everything you need
to know about starting up as a carpenter.

The pack contains the following items:

  • Video interview with a self employed carpenter (an ex-prisoner)
  • Transcript – a written copy of what the carpenter said
  • Workbook – which checks that you’ve grasped the information contained in the DVD
  • Getting Started guide – explains how to set up as a carpenter. This booklet covers topics like choosing a business name, and how to answer the phone.
  • Finance and Legal guide – This booklet covers setting up as a sole trader, getting registered for tax, and doing the books, etc.
  • How to Find Clients guide. This booklet is about getting your own website, creating flyers, advertising in online classified sites, and networking.
  • Roadmap – shows you the way forward
  • Startup Diary of an ex-prisoner

Request a pack. It’s free to prisoners and ex-prisoners. Click here

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