Get involved

Here are five ways you can get involved

1. Mention us on Facebook
2. Tweet about us
3. Tell any ex-prisoners you know.
4. Mentor with us. Are you a self-employed ex-prisoner? We’re looking for mentors (Contact us by clicking here)
5. Be an interviewee. See: Ex-prisoner?

How family and loved ones can help

Families often make the difference. Discuss this site with your prisoner or ex-prisoner family member. Self-employment probably hasn’t occurred to them. Many people don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs. But it could be their escape route.  Sometimes it takes a loved one to say, ‘You could be someone different’.

How community groups and charities  can help

If you work for a charity, we’d love to hear from you. We can send you out a set of Escape Plans. But thereafter each request has to be for a named individual with an email address.